Wooden railway sleepers


In this category, you will find railway sleepers.

Ucraft are reliable and experienced suppliers of  railway sleepers.

Railway sleepers are the components on which the rails are arranged with proper gauge. These sleepers generally rests on ballast and is also called as ties in some regions. The load from rails when train passes, is taken by these sleepers and is distributed it to the ballast.

The basic functions of Railway sleepers are to:


  • hold the rails strongly and to maintain uniform gauge
  • transfer the load from rails to the ballast or ground
  • reduce the vibrations coming from rails
  • offer longitudinal and lateral stability


Ucraft manufacture softwood railway sleepers, both treated and untreated according to customer requirements.


Characteristics softwood railway sleepers

Type – (1-2), thickness – 160-180 mm, width – 230-250 mm, length – 2750 mm

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